Comedy / Drama

2 men, 2 women: 4 total

*2014 Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award Winner*
Best Original Script

*2014 Theatre Bay Area Award Nominee*:
Outstanding New Play


The passing of a cherished puppeteer consumes a children’s TV host in this comic tale of friendship, love, and letting go. THE GREAT PRETENDER channels the unforgettable small-screen shows that shaped our youth, going behind the painted sets and colored lights to discover that people, as well as puppets, sometimes need a helping hand.


“Funny, poignant… As a window into the magical craft of the puppeteer, The Great Pretender is the real deal.” —San Jose Mercury News.

“Original, funny and genuinely moving, Pretender… discovers universal strains of grief, comfort and emotional evolution.” —Theater Dogs.

“A sweet blend of nostalgic whimsy, bright comedy and an empathetic tale of dealing with loss.” —San Francisco Chronicle.

“This script is so strong, in part, because the playwright avoids the prescriptive; instead, he provides four rich characters with whom you genuinely want to spend time.”  —Stark Insider.

“The play is tinged with nostalgia and in some ways is about nostalgia, but it also transcends it, treading difficult emotional ground in a way that feels fresh and authentic. Just like the kids watching Mr. Felt at home,The Great Pretender makes the audience feel we’re in good hands.” —KQED

“It’s a brilliant script, one to enjoy in performance and one to savor.” —Regarding Arts